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Fashion Social Network Website

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We are a group of students in Stanford University.

We want to create a place to connect people who share similar traits in fashion, such as an appreciation for a certain style or a specific shopping habit. In this fashion community, people can explore styles, make friends and have conversations about fashion.

Our website and App emphasize real people, real fashion. We do not allow photoshopped images or model images.

We also would like to have a short domain name. Originally we had dujour, but now it is not available anymore.

We do not have to have .com. Creative .??? works, but not .net or .org.

Please help! We thank you for your wisdom!

update 1. 7/21/2012 We do not have to have "fashion" or "style" in the domain. If we can just have some short domain, like an invented but sounds good word, it can work for us too.

update 2. 7/24/2012 Thanks very much for everyone's participation, but we still haven't found a name that we really like.

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