Medical Algorithm Company

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Medical Algorithm Company

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Pick the Perfect Name

We are looking to name our new startup.

The company will be developing technology to analyze physiologic data and present relevant information back to clinicians.

General themes:
Engineering (Control Engineering, Systems Engingeering) Math (Probability, Differential Equations, Analysis) Medicine (Physiology)

Criteria: 1) Short - no longer than 2 words, no more than 15 letters 2) Clear pronunciation 3) Memorable 3) Strong association to our business 4) Will be at the top of any direct search (i.e. Medical Algorithm Systems is too generic to rise to the top) 5) Website available

Thank you for your help.

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: analysis clinical control decision differential discrete engineering equations harmonic intelligence medical navigation operator optimal oxygen parallel physiology polynomial potent probability quantify risk signs state statistics systems vital


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