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Sales Outsourcing Business

Domain Name Contest created 3 years ago


Sales Outsourcing Business

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Our business model is: We have a team of experienced bilingual English and Spanish events sales people that sell delegates passes and sponsorship packages on the behalf of international conference organisers, covering North & South America. We help conference organisers globally increase their sales, revenue, and profitability. We help their events reach full potential and become a great success.

We want a name for the business that is short (two syllables) and powerful. It should convey the business value proposition which is increasing the client revenue, and profitability and helping them expand globally and reach out to companies they can't normally reach out to because of various constrains i.e time zone, language barrier, staff shortage and lack of sales experience.

The name has to be masculine, modern, simple, and subtle (not too obvious) avoid the use of Sales, Expand, Increase, we don't want the name to be obvious. If the name you come up with is not available as a domain, we could add "global" to the name.

Use your imagination, we have no restrictions, except we don't want the obvious IncreaseYourProfit.com we want something smart, symbolic, and elegant, it could be a fruit, an animal, a state of mind, whatever you can imagine as a name for our business as long as it sounds right for a reason.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: potential reach revenue profit global
Words to Avoid:
Sales, sell, events

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