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Ecommerce Website

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Pick the Perfect Name

We are a new e-commerce company, I’d love to tell you more about us but we don’t want to give too much away right now.

We are currently looking for a name; we have explored many avenues (idioms, greek gods, 20,000+ song names on itunes, random wiki get the picture) but it would appear that anything half decent has already been taken, and usually by someone who just wants to sit on a domain until some unsuspecting pays over the odds for it.

We are hoping that you guys can put a few words together that really work and sound great. No made up words please. This is a really open brief, so please just have a bit of fun with it - nothing can be right or wrong here.

We do, however, have a few requirements:

• Easy to spell • Brand-able • Either: one, two or three words - but no more than three. • If it is multiple words, one syllable words are preferred. • Doesn’t alienate or pigeon hole (masculine, feminine, niche specific etc) • A colour would be nice in the name but it isn’t essential. • Nothing offensive

We didn’t want to give key words as they tend to be thought about and used a little too much - we want a return of a broad spectrum of names that not only sound good, but which could be turned into a strong brand. Here are a few ideas of the kind of names we like;

Red stripe - One True Saxon - Stopford Press - Chip and Pin

We're not looking for the examples re-arranged, they just give an idea of names we like.

We are really looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Thanking you in advance.


Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: ecommerce website

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