Renaming a Nonprofit Working With Migrant Slums

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Renaming a Nonprofit Working With Migrant Slums

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Our organization has reached the five-year mark and we are badly in need of a rebrand as we move out into Nepal and Bangladesh from China. Our external audience is both in the East and the West. Though we have built up a reasonably favorable brand within China, we need to change because (1) we are now able to establish legal entities in China but govt won't allow us to use our current name, this causes brand confusion to have more than one name (2) name too long and a bit victorian (3) acronyms don't inspire (4) need something catchier, easier to remember.

We prefer a one or two word name, accompanied by a tagline. We don't necessarily want to have the word 'slum' in our actual name.

Our aim is to stimulate and nurture movement of community centers in migrant slums across China and Asia (and other regions in the coming years).

Starting from a small group of non-paid staff and interns in 2006, CMC has gradually grown to 30 staff in offices in Beijing and Shanghai, with work expanding in Nepal, Bangladesh, and other Chinese cities. As our exposure and image grows, it is time we consider a name and branding that will carry us forward for the next few decades, across varying cultural and political expectations. The simpler the better. The brand message needs to reflect our mission of outward expansion and influence.

When looking at our position, essentially, we are aiming to be the Apple and Google of nonprofits.

A few words that define CMC's mission: migrant, slum, community, community center, network. We don't need to necessarily refer to this in the name but could create a tagline that captures this as well.

A one word or three word name would likely work best (think Samasource, Room to Read, Right to Play). This is something we would very likely not change again in the history of the org, so would be great if we can get it right!

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Keyword suggestions: migrant slum communities community building network

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