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Redesigning my company brand and need a clever name that matches the dog care services I provide. Background: I own a doggie daycare center and we specialize in giving dogs the adventure of a lifetime. With daycare, we provide our dogs with a safe, fun and engaging atmosphere in our customized facility. We do assessments and an enrichment program where we teach dogs how to walk nicely on leash, come when called and be comfortable in a crate. We're most known for our off-leash adventure hikes, where we take our dogs to regional park trails and give them time to explore, exercise and socialize all under the guidance of one of our pack leader hikers. Our entire goal is to help pet owners make sure their dogs come home happy, tired and feeling truly fur-filled. Other dog company brands I like are Den Urban Dog Retreat, Pet Camp and Wag. They have simple, hip, modern branding that everyone seems to love. Personally, I like the TV show Adventure Time, which addresses themes that I think are relevant to working with dogs and pet owners: working as a team, helping the community, personal growth and exploration.

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