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Handbags Design Brand Name

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Hi everyone!!

We are setting-up a new brand of high-quality leather handbags & accessories (wallets, belts, scarfs, flats) and would really appreciate your help in finding a catchy and representative name and logo for our brand. We address our products to medium-high income women, age 25-35, fashionable, very dynamic, trend-setters, willing to try emerging designer brands. We base our designs on traditional Eastern-European patterns, modern and contemporary artworks and Romanian heritage symbols using feminine modern shapes and strong color combinations. Our product is of the finest quality, made of Italian leather, with very delicate finishing and colorful interiors. At this moment we have two brand names to choose from, but unfortunately we are not convinced by either of them. What we are looking for is preferably a one-word brand name, funky and playful, but delicate and feminine at the same time; we would also love to convey the Eastern European heritage / culture or feeling into the brand name if possible.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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Keyword suggestions: artworks / catchy / color / contemporary / culture / delicate / design / dynamic / east-european / emerging / fancy / fashionable / feeling / feminine / funky / handbag / heritage / high-quality / modern / patterns / representative / symbols / traditional / trend-setters

Winner: Devynes.com

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