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Digital Marketing Agency

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago


Digital Marketing Agency

Pick the Perfect Name

Hey guys and gals! Looking for a name for my digital marketing agency BUT, any name doesn't have to be marketing related. For example, I like names like hipmunk.com, tigermuse.com, appsumo.com, yodle.com, orangesoda.com and so on.

I don't want a name that's too cute, like rainbows, pink, and kittens, but I'm open to names that are completely unrelated to marketing (as well as RELATED words, so don't hold back). Keep in mind that work with BUSINESSES, NOT CONSUMERS, so a name can be fun but not stuff like kittens and unicorns.

In short: my company is more focused on delivering results and generating more sales for companies that hire us. We do this through optimizing websites, SEO, social media, email newsletters, etc.

I'd love for the name to be related to a metaphor of, say, transformation, re-charge, reboot, metamorphosis, responsive/response.

The general feel of the word should be that of a transformation, getting results, increasing revenue, revitalize, next level, top tier, catalyst, etc. but please avoid buzzwords that don't mean much.

Also, if possible, no names that are too long (maximum 8-10 words, but again, come with suggestions and maybe we can shorter and combine some).

Please note: being able to easily and understandably pronounce the name out loud is important, too. I want to be able to say it and have people understand it, so avoid convoluted spellings and words, please.

So, breakdown:

  1. Open to unrelated words and concepts (to marketing) - in fact, would PREFER it!
  2. Please, no "buzz" words like "buzz", "system" and useless drivel that means nothing.
  3. Metaphors are welcome!
  4. Web 2.0 names are welcome, but they gotta be pronounceable and not too "weird".
  5. General "feel" guidelines: transformation, response, reboot BUT don't be limited by this!

UPDATE: try to add words to the end of words like response, market, social, digital, and so on. Also look to combine and mix words together

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: reboot response transformation
Hipmunk.com, tigermuse.com, appsumo, yodle.com, responsify.com

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