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Maternity Concept Store

Name Contest created 2 months ago

Maternity Concept Store

Name Contest created 2 months ago

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My project was born due to the fact that I was pregnant and I did not find many good products on the market. I do not want to be a standard seller that has everything for pregnancy and maternity, I want to brig products that are” wow” and useful, from the point of practicality and also the artistic way. Through my project I want to support women trough their journey of pregnancy and new moms with humor, useful products, surprise boxes (each trimester), informational books, advices, cosmetics and nutritive supplements. My brand should be described by: private label, product development and personality. This is due to the fact that I do not buy the products from others and sell them to clients, I produce them under my brand and I put personality stamp on them. I want to bring to the market products that are especially created for my niche.

I have four major categories of products that I want to develop on my own:

I. Gourmet ( nutritional bars) II. Clothes ( nursing dresses, pregnancy T shirts) III. Stationary ( agendas, calendars, etc) IV. Maternity bag VI. Baby shower party - full service VII. Pregnancy Box - each trimester IX. Wearable technology for pregnant and mothers

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