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Need a Name for a New Promotional/Staffing Agency

Need a Name for a New Promotional/Staffing Agency close

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**New detailed information added** Need a name for a promotional agency I am starting. The agency will work with Brands to provide brand ambassadors/promotional models for their campaign or event. Can range from trade shows, expo, private cocktails events, supermarket promotions etc. Although it will start as just providing staff, eventually I would like to move into more the marketing side as well, and planning/ organising with the clients their whole campaign. Probably looking for something less with the word "brand" in it and more "--- agency" or "--- promotions" or "---- management" Prefer a .com but can be as well. Clients can range from movie producers, alcohol brands, car brands, sporting organisations, Food and drink brands, TV stations, and everything in between. Some other agency names I will be competing with are; Cadence Models, Sass Management, CBD Promotions, Black Diamond Agency, Flah Point Promotions, Polite Promotions, Edge Models, Aurora Model Management, DMC Promotions etc. Need something catchy, that flows and stands out from the rest!

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