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NOTE: This is not a website name or a .com. Technology branding (i.e. ingredient branding) for features included in a portable room air filtration device. The technology would describe the overall group of filter capabilities: 1. HEPA filtration 2. A material that would extend filter life by combating oils from smoke and smog 3. Carbon layer that would eliminate odors 4. A layer that could filter out formaldehyde that gases out after new construction (over 6 months) from new construction materials. These materials are used more often in Asia. Technology name would be secondary to brand name. It would be used like this: ABC brand room air purifier featuring __?___ technology. Sold in Asia. Name can be English and won't be translated.

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  • Better names will be about the idea of "knowing the air you breath is clean and safe."

    Posted 1 year ago by slapyack      

  • NOTE: This is not a ".com" It is not a URL

    Posted 1 year ago by slapyack