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Name for a Revolutionary Robot (Winner Gets $100 Bonus)

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Help us name our robot and be part of our history! - We are a robotic startup (who has been working stealthily) that offers the future for any household: no cleaning, putting stuff in the dishwasher, laundering, cooking, moving your lawn etc. All tasks will be managed by our AI robot. The robot is state of art; NOTHING seen before. It runs on wheels with 2 robotic arms, fingers and state of the art artificial software - the robot can adapt to any situation in your household - it's the next revolution in the world. The future household goes from machinery like fridge, washing machine etc to robots which will manage ALL manual tasks!!! Freeing men and women to focus on their family, friends, fun and intellectual tasks!!! The world will improve significantly by the household robot - creating the foundation for real equality between men and women - driving positive growth and fun in all aspects of your life. Every household will be your own hotel - the service robot will manage everything - you just have to enjoy life. Life just got easy and fun! The next big thing after the Internet revolution: the [NAME] robot. - BONUS: If one of the suggestions sent here on NameStation is selected, the winner will receive an additional donation of $100 USD to his/her PayPal account (requires you to have a PayPal account). We have done this in past competitions as well. - Rules: One word Catchy, Modern, Distinctive Short (max 7 letters) Memorable Pronounceable Available .com domain is NOT a requirement, other TLD are accepted

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