After School Educational Events and Activates Company

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After School Educational Events and Activates Company

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we need a name for a company that will be providing :

1- frequent almost daily after school activities to kids 6-14 years old, these activities are intended to get the kids out of home and off their ipads, they will meet new kids, the teachers monitoring these kids are trained to engage with these kids and reflect education at every single trip

2- occasional after school or weekend trips that are more focused on physical activities like small bootcamps and mixed exercise camps

3- educational trips in general, may museums musicals plays...etc

in general, this new company is working out a new approach to after school or weekend activiites that focuses on more mixed activites rather than just football or swimming class altogether with educational experiences and safety

we are looking at something modern, colorful and meaningful

thank you

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Keyword suggestions: club education fun kids learn play

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