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Most medical and legal practices spend tens of thousands on SEO with little or nothing to show for it. They hope that eventually their site will rank on the first page of google in their area. A very high google ranking for the right phrases can literally change businesses and lives. Sadly though, rarely (if ever) do they actually end up on the first page and instead they get ripped off by SEO “experts” that charge a massive amount and deliver a tiny result. We have a completely different approach. We replace "I hope it works this time" with "Here is a site already ranked on the first page of google" - Do you want it? We develop sites and rank them at the top of google in multiple slots for specific buyer intent phrases within the medical and legal niches in specific geographic areas using a proprietary process. We then take that site already ranked (and our potential clients can see this) and lease it out to a professional practice in that area. This is exclusive to them - it’s not shared. I am open to any kind of name that represents the concept as explained, or even an abstract name. Thanks - looking forward to seeing what kind of creative ideas you come up with.

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