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I am a Tarot Card reader in Toronto. I have been doing readings locally for around 6 years and I'd like to expand my audience to the web. I would like a name that can also be used as a shop name for future expansion. I would like an easy to pronounce name that is short enough to fit inside of a crystal ball png image on my business cards. Please no mention of my name or location. I appreciate it.

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  • Will everyone please briefly research tarot b4 more entries. Getting many non related names. Thanx

    Posted 1 week ago by Cavo95 Pro      

  • It will be a good idea to give us keywords to work with thanks.

    Posted 1 week ago by Steve Pro      

  • No offense intended but do you identify as a male or a female? I have some gender specific names in mind and I didn't want to be wrong lol

    Posted 1 week ago by Dawn Pro      

  • Straight male. Keyword update. Apologies 4 lost points I was doing an elimination first. Thnx

    Posted 1 week ago by Cavo95 Pro      

  • No worries, they can be withdrawn with no loss of points if we get there on time. Thanks for the keywords dude! :)

    Posted 1 week ago by Dawn Pro      

  • Something has come up and I will be unavailable and unreachable for the next week or so. My flight leaves Monday morning and I will be packing throughout the day. Unfortunately I will not be near a computer or internet after Monday, so I will have to wrap this up earlier than intended. I ask you to please keep the urls coming. I have been narrowing the list down. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Posted 1 week ago by Cavo95 Pro      

  • Hello Sir. I sincerely hope that you chose Enchantler because you actually wanted it for your name, and not because of my offer to set it up. It wasn't my intention to push you towards that particular name with the comment. I was simply letting you know that I'd help you get set up with the one you choose. I'm grateful that you chose me. I just wanted to put it out there that I wasn't trying to force it. It's just been bothering me lol Have a safe trip and thank you. ;)

    Posted 1 week ago by Dawn Pro      

  • This message is for the inconsiderate jerk who hurried up and registered Enchantler.com shortly after the contest ended. It was ready and available and then conveniently taken the next day. That's pathetic! The CH and his lady were excited at my offer to set everything up for them until they discovered that I wasn't the one who registered it! Now they have to choose another name and probably won't allow me to set up the new one he chooses. I wouldn't blame him either. I wouldn't trust anyone here if something like this happened to me either. I hope your greedy ways cause your karma to catch up to you tenfold. You might call it a "business" maneuver or a way to make a profit.. But, I call it ridiculous and inhumane. You're a thief in my eyes. FYI, not many people who hold contests here have thousands of dollars to fork over for a domain name. I hope you think about what you did and it eats you alive..

    Posted 1 week ago by Dawn Pro