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Small Business Launch Website

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New, online company specializing in creative business resources for professional coaching and counseling entrepreneurs (business to business). These resources will initially be video or webinar based, will help these small business entrepreneur develop, launch, and sustain their business, as well as provide "done for you" programs that can be rebranded and offered to their clients. Their success is our success!

It is also possible that this company will eventually offer "self-health" and "self-wealth" courses directly to consumers (business to consumer), so we prefer a super clever name that is generic enough to cover the possibility of a scaling business without having to rebrand. Shorter is better. No names that start with "The", "A", "My" , "Your" etc. please. Prefer names that will be easy to remember... and spell, and that combine a vibe of professional, yet edgy/fun.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: authentic connection create key link mind peak spark up venture
Words to Avoid:
coach, counselor, rebrand, program, sell, marketing, client


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