Inventory Management Company

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Inventory Management Company

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We're building software to help companies manage their inventory/stock, become proactive instead of reactive, and automate some of their online marketing activities.

Many companies dealing with (perishable) stock are facing high costs as a result of ending up with leftovers, full warehouses, and suboptimal marketing spend. That's what we're trying to reduce, next to providing clear insights/visualisations in overall company performance.

We are still looking for a strong company name, with an available .com address.

I'm open for all ideas, and looking forward to your suggestions. I especially like short and catchy business names, and have a strong preference for metaphors.

IF we end up choosing and registering a name from the suggestions we get here, I'll transfer 100 USD to the winner, via PayPal.

We already posted a contest a few months ago, but have not found a name we liked yet. Hope you can help!

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