A Sofisticated-Sounding Unique Company Name

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago by joegenius4557

A Sofisticated-Sounding Unique Company Name

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I would like to give my company a sofisticated-sounding, unique name but not too over-the-top. It's an investment company that will have various subsidiaries using the same name. For example, I really like the company name "Alegus" (already taken) which has subsidiaries such as Alegus Capital and Alegus Properties. The name itself is sofisticated (not something cute, like Kajiji) and unique (it's a made-up word with no meaning) but not over-the-top like Iron Mountain Corporation or something you'd roll your eyes at.

Another option would be something to do with the logo I might use. I'm still deciding between logos but it'll either be an Ox and Lion, some kind of bird or a dragon. I thought the lion/Ox symbol could work well with a name like Chimera.com or Chimeracorp.com but that's already taken. Other ones I've tried that are related to birds are Griffincorp.com, ravencorp.com and Phoenixcorp.com. All great names (in my opinion) but all already taken.

A third option, which may work but I'm not too excited about, is to name it something like Ridgemount, Graywood, Brookfield, etc. Again, all local companies already taken but you get the idea.

I almost forgot, I'd actually love it if there was a good name from mythology or legend that either had to do with one of the logo options or something to do with design, architecture, construction, or just something cool. For example, Daedalus (a Greek inventor who built wings out of bird feathers and wax, although I don't think he ever really existed).

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Ravencorp, Griffincorp, Phoenixcorp, Alegus, Ridgemount, Graywood, Brookfield

Winner: KatellaCorp.com

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