Computer Repair/Cleanup/Data Recovery/Setup for Home Theater Music Etc

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Computer Repair/Cleanup/Data Recovery/Setup for Home Theater Music Etc

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We are starting a new company...basically we can fix various problems on a PC or laptop, including virus cleanup, data recovery, or if someone gets a used laptop or PC and they want to wipe it clean, and install new programs. We also will be setting up customers' computers so that they can use Netflix/Hulu/etc. and view it on their TV instead of small computer screen, or use their downloaded music on a home stereo. While we will be a local company, serving Chicago and the suburbs, we can also do cleanup after a virus to any location, by remotely accessing the computer. The name should also have an available domain name, and should be easy to remember. I'd like the name to suggest strength, reliability, quality work. We are like the Geek Squad, only actually qualified and experienced, not to mention we are affordable. I don't mind names that are humorous, as long as it's tasteful and relatable.

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Keyword suggestions: affordable business cleanup computer data drive experienced hard honest laptop networking pc recovery repair solutions tech virus
Geek squad (the name is cute, their service is awful) PC Solutions, Computech, PC Geeks, The Laptop Guy

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