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Online Gift Boutique

Domain Name Contest created 5 months ago


Online Gift Boutique

Pick the Perfect Name

Hello everyone :)

I am looking for a name for my new online gift boutique business, which will sell luxury products such as red roses, champagne and Belgian chocolates. The business will have a luxury feel with the best products being sourced.

I would like a creative out the box name, that sounds clever and easy to remember. We will sell worldwide to people looking to send someone a gift box with luxury items inside.

I would like a name that does not limit me to only selling those items, I would like a non related name, that is different, clever, and easily remembered, with the domains .com and .uk available.

The products will arrive inside a nicely presented gift box.

Likes:- I would like the name to sound unique, different, clever, mayble a play on words?

Disliked words:- gift, cheap, fast, box, luxury

Thank you for any suggestions, I look forward to reading them.


Hey everyone

Thank you for all the suggestions.

However what I am looking for is something that sounds expensive, or exlusive, the products are quite expensive to buy. The packaging is luxurious. I also like names with a foriegn hint/sound, like amara etc.

Thank you


I saw some different kind of names that I liked from other businesses in my field, like "Exit 9" completely different and easy to remember. How about names like that?

Also we could try some names with the word gift in it, I also like "moments".


Can I have some unrelated entires please? So cool words, that are unrelated to my business. Like "Exit 9" is a gift boutique but is unrelated. So if anything can think of some cool rememberable names like that please?

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Words to Avoid:
Luxury, fast, cheap

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