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Flower delivery like Uber, or, or kayak. Should be obvious. Like or SENDFLOWERS.COM are some ideas. or would be awesome. Other parts of the concept: — Allow buyers to send random flowers — Flowers seem to be for no reason or occasion — Users buy subscription # deliveries per month, quarter, year, etc. — Florists bid on orders — Florists can ditch excess or unused inventory — Flowers and days are random, but conform to slow florist days and excess florist inventory. — users can customize message or that can be simulated too. — not for I’m sorry, anniversary, valentines, etc. — Random days, no choice. Win/win for florists and dudes. Florists get paid. Guys get (an enjoyable evening). We are moving excess product We are providing “just because” flowers We are getting florists paid on slow days We are making people happy randomly

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  • CH is Rich Willians ........The Winner is Rich Willians........This is Crazy...

    Posted 2 weeks ago by Felix Pro