Global Technology Company

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Global Technology Company

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Pick the Perfect Name

High tech global technology company specializing in Managed IT, internet services, web hosting, voip, etc.

The domain name must be easy as it will be used in over 5 different countries around the world.

The name should be absolutely unique as it will be registered on social media websites.

Something corporate sounding would be great. But nothing specific to one industry such as the word "cloud" which would refer to only internet type business.

Custom names (made up names) are preferred as they meet all of the criteria. Names that have been slapped together like Cloud + House cloudhouse will not be accepted.

Prefer 5 to 7 characters at most.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: bay digital xen blaze computer fire fluid gen liquid machine net qual rex storm sys tech wire xai zai global
ovasy, yahoo, paypal, uber
Words to Avoid:
cloud, net

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