Startup for Small Creative Businesses to Conduct Their Own Marketing

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Startup for Small Creative Businesses to Conduct Their Own Marketing

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I need a name (.COM) for my new startup:

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: I'm developing a web platform to help creative small businesses to market their products more effectively, using an inexpensive do-it-yourself system that steps them easily through the process.

I’m a filmmaker and I know lots of writers, musicians and artists who create amazing things – but they really suck at the business side of things. Activities like market research, testing, and strategic planning - which are common practice in other industries – seem too commercial, complicated and techie for creatives.

My platform will guide creative people through an interactive wizard style interface to discover who their audience is, how to reach them, and what messaging will convert them to purchase.

As many independent creatives are now using the internet to connect directly with consumers, this platform will service a growing long-tail market.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Creative small businesses and independents, such as filmmakers, musicians, authors, artists, craftspeople, games developers.

VALUES & TONE: Creative, indie, non-conformist, determined, authentic, insightful, self-depreciating, not-too-serious, playful

FURTHER: Please suggest names that take the advice from the below articles into consideration:

Domain Name:
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Keyword suggestions: diviner hunch knack marketing proof research strategy testing
Hulu, Kickstarter, LaunchRock, CrunchBase, DesignCrowd, Halfbrick, Pandora, Revver, AirTasker, Zillow, Posse, Nike, PayPal, Pinterest, Twitter, Etsy, Mashable, Mumbrella, Gizmodo, Zynga


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