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Media Production

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago

Media Production

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago

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Seeking a memorable name for freelance production house creating shorts and feature films, motion graphics and animation, advertising, graphic design, photography, etc. (right now I'm focused on motion graphics, but want future flexibility as portfolio grows.) A marketable name is more important than one that references "videos" or "studios"; i.e., the Nike name doesn't exude "shoes" but has been made memorable because it's short and skillfully marketed. Prefer shorter names, but willing to get two sites: one for long name which redirects to short name.

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Keyword suggestions: advertising bee cat creative cube cubed design ellipse ellipses film fire graphics green hive indigo inspiration instruction lake learning media motion orange orb park path pictures pixel pixels point ranch ridge river social square squared strategic studio technology video xyz zip zoo zoom

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