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I'm taking free business courses at a local college (in St. Louis Missouri USA). An internship program is a requirement for completion, so I'm currently working for a Branding Company 10hrs a week. They're going to hire up to 7 people full-time by the end of October and they gave us a challenge project. There are 27 of us left out of 163. For the project I need to build my business from the ground up, as if I'm their rival. So, I need a short(ish), powerful name that somehow tells everyone what I do, which is Full Service Business Branding (naming, logo, seo, ads etc)-- The Works! But, I'm not sure if I should go with: "Full Service/Complete Package" type names, "Branding" type names, "Business Startup" type names or "Digital Marketing" type names. You decide. Crowdsourcing is allowed in the budget, I'm not cheating. (Ironically, a fellow namer needs a name for a naming company lol) Similar local businesses are,, and Please feel free to ask me anything. Also, let me know if downvotes help you or irritate you. I sometimes find them helpful towards the CH's direction, as long as I can withdraw in time, and they aren't overused. (I won't choose a winner if there are still downvotes btw). I will be very attentive to this contest. Meaning, I will interact, vote and actually choose a winner (refreshing, huh? Lol). Have Fun! ;)

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