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Fun and Clever Blog Name for Personal/Professional Blog

Name Contest created 1 year ago


Fun and Clever Blog Name for Personal/Professional Blog

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I am a 30-something who is taking 18 months(-ish) to go on a “soul sabbatical” / year-of-learning which entails four countries, four months each and four different jobs (all professional and in my field of design thinking and organizational development and community development).

I am starting a blog that is part travel blog, "soul-sabbatical” how-to, writings other ideas/learnings of the professional variety, and will likely also linked to my CV/work experience. I need a blog name (not URL) that's clever and fun. Shorter is better. And my name is Andi in case you want to try to work that in.


Here’s the tone of my bio (as you can see I try not take myself too seriously).

I am community development and organizational design coach & consultant and have spent my career facilitating change in complex systems. I am a designer and facilitator at heart, no matter what the topic or content. I don't have all the answers, but I ask great questions! As a coach, I am known for being direct, injecting humour when needed, and supporting clients in achieving results. I am most happy being creative, learning, looking at the big picture and moving puzzle pieces to solve a challenge.

I love summer storms at the cabin, Halloween, surprises (the good kind), people watching, Law & Order, thrift stores treasure hunts, impromptu dance parties, homemade cheesecake (the best breakfast food in my humble opinion), postcards from around the globe, and basically any opportunity to write, think, create and grow.

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Keyword suggestions: adventure being curiosity heart learning sabbatical soul
On Being; Wit & Delight, Andi on Adventure, Wonder and Wandering; Eat, Pray, Love

Winner: TakingDeepBreadths

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