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Software Development Company

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I am looking for a brandable name for a software development company with these three main services: 1. We help our customers integrate different software systems. Meaning: The customer could have a data warehouse system and a CRM system that don't talk to each other, requiring them to enter data twice. We build a bridge between the systems and connect them so that duplicate data entry is avoided. This can also lead to richer reports 2. We build mobile apps 3. We build web applications

The name needs to be short - preferably 7 characters or less. It can be a fantasy name but it needs to be simple in a way that it is easily understood over the phone as well, so no fancy word hacks. If the name isn't a fantasy name, it should concentrate on the Software Integration part of the business, not so much on the apps part. This rules out names like Xyz Apps.

Before posting a suggestion, please roleplay saying it on the phone: "Hi, this is Daniel from {your suggestion}" Say it out loud - if you feel weird, reconsider the suggestion.

Please add a short explanation to posted names so I can understand the "hidden" meaning and brainstorm a first potential branding / slogan.

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: bridge integrate integration
Trello, Fog Creek
Words to Avoid:
apps, development, software, consultant, Systems, soft

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