Website which Creates "Personal Landing Pages"

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Website which Creates "Personal Landing Pages"

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This site will build a personal landing pages for an individuals to consolidate their social media links in a clean, simple easy-viewing format. These landing pages are designed to showcase an individual's "personal brand" with a custom domain name (i.e. An example can be seen at

We will be targeting individuals who are interested in how their "online brand" is perceived. In the past the "personal brand" was something only higher management took interest in. We plan to market this to the increasing interest of ambitious new professionals, mid-level management, etc.

Name should be short and domain friendly. A name for the net age, but memorable. Doesn't have to be literal, but should make sense in context of product offering. e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc. When you see it, the name makes sense. Easily memorable. No odd spellings.

Have fun with it and many thanks!

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