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I need a good catchy modern name for my webshop software. Webstores build with my software are very complete with advanced options and focuses primarily on the business 2 business market. People should choose it for its complete, fast and professional. (so not to cheesy names would be appreciated.) * Please dont focus on .com domains. Would be nice, but our main goal is .nl /.eu domains.

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  • Can you describe the features of your software a bit more? Are they any keywords you want us to include? Any name style preference?

    Posted 11 months ago by Jennifer L Saber      

  • Hi Jennifer, thank you for paying attention to details!

    First of all don't focus on free .com domains. (.nl or .eu would be right for us, for we are in the neterlands) Ofcourse we all like short names and it's not a problem if a name is a little creative (like using "Shoppa" or something like that).

    Our shops are not ment for people who want a cheap webstore, we focus on quality. With lot's of possibilities to display products, it's ment for the professional businessowner.

    e.g. Features like - Customer based prices - Customer group based discounts - Tier prices - Digital or recurring products - Ordering by staff, with authorization by a superior - Multiple domains and language support - VAT transfer options (an option needed for international business within EU)


    Posted 11 months ago by hugo