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Ecommerce Retailer for Men

Domain Name Contest created 1 year ago


Ecommerce Retailer for Men

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We are an E-commerce retailer for men. We offer men an unique and place where they can find and high quality and stylish lifestyle goods from niche branded businesses/brands. Our focus is to offer men a one-stop- shop to easily find stylish lifestyle products for all aspects of their everyday (ex: from bedding from brands such as Brooklinen to cutting boards and Knives from brands such as Nolan Co. )

Target age group is 25-35, reside mostly urban cities, educated, sophisticated males.

  1. Name to be just two or three syllables ( one syllable names tend to be too easy to forget and three or more than three syllables is hard to recall in its entirety)

  2. I would prefer names that leverage real words - Prefer something that it is s evokes thr emotion of the business offering. name such as Bevel, electric razor brand. Bevel evokes a sense of sharpness, which is something yoi want from a razor.

  3. It should be a bit modern ( since the customer target is youngish it can't sound too old ie Henry's). Some good examples are "Chubbies- ( casual dress shorts for men)", "Huckberry"( huckberry = huckleberry like huckleberry finn, its an adventure brand)-, a combination of real words or shortened words.

  4. Easy to pronounce. Spelling of brandname should be intuitive based on pronunciation.

The keyword suggestions are not name suggestions - those are emotions id like to evoke. "refined" shouldn't in the name. Also - don't use existing company names in the name - i.e. "harry's, warby parker etc"

Domain Name:
Only available .COM domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: approachable cove engaging friendly men polished quality trusted tweed unique
Holcombe, Bevel, beneton, J.Crew, Frank and Oak(only included cause it evokes the proper emotion of manly and polished/refined while)
Words to Avoid:
And, Retail, men/man, gentleman, classic, chique, niche, quality, top, high, letter "z"

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