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This will be for an online web application to aid teachers in managing their classroom, with features such as seating charts, random group generation, timers and other small features. The target demographic is non tech-savvy teachers and educators, mostly in primary education in the US (K-12th grade). I'm looking for a clever and memorable name that conveys the idea that the application will help with managing a classroom, restoring order, reducing chaos, making the teacher's job easier, etc. I'm OK with a little bit cutesy, but not too cutesy names. As always shorter is nice, but I would prioritize memorable and easy to type above shortness. The keywords "class" or "classroom" will help to convey exactly what it is for, but they're not absolutely necessary. "student" could also work with the right combination. I'd like to avoid the word "app" as this will be an online-only web site, not a mobile app, to avoid possible confusion. I would prefer ".com" but am open to other TLDs if they work well and don't have high costs.

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  • Thanks for all of the suggestions! One note... I want to avoid three 's' letters in a row, even if it's a great name. Like "" is great, but without the capitals (, it looks weird, and it's potentially confusing to type.

    Posted 1 year ago by Nate