Urban/Streetwear/Skatewear Clothing Name

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Urban/Streetwear/Skatewear Clothing Name

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Pick the Perfect Name

I need a name for an urban/street wear clothing brand.

  • Designing clothing and accessories similar to zumiez, tilly's, and pacsun (surf/skate)

  • Run by me (Arianna) and my friend (Taylor), but doesn't necessarily have to have anything with our names

  • We are based in Michigan in the Metro-Detroit area

  • I want something very unique and brandable to the eyes and ears.

  • Maybe something that would sound good with "clothing co" or "collective" or "apparel" at the end of it. Or even the word "nomenclature" at the end?? I don't know. It's a cool word.

  • I was thinking of playing around and possibly using a 'V' as an upside-down 'A' if I were to use an acronym or abbreviation with the letter A in it. (ex: the brand RVCA is actually "RUCA" but they use a 'V' in place of the 'U'). I think it's unique and visually appealing.

  • or I also really dig when brand names have some sort of deeper meaning behind it that you wouldn't know by just looking at it. So if you come up with a cool name with some sort of meaning behind it that you can explain to me in the comments, go for it.

  • Basically, think outside of the box and use your creative imagination. It could be something completely off the wall. I'm an artist and I'm kind of weird, so I'm all for that kind of stuff.

I'm excited to see what you come up with.

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Keyword suggestions: accessories apparel clothing skate skatewear streetwear surf urban
Hype Clothing Co, No Fit State, Band of Outsiders, Arte, Obey, Nollie, Arbor Collective, Aerie, ASOS, RVCA
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Shop, Urban, Skate, Skatewear, Surf, Surfwear, Streetwear

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