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Target Audience: Internal workforce Internal campaign for a company that often has opportunities outside the United States. These opportunities fall into two camps: 1) NEW name for things like "Global Project Assignments." This may be for a designated length of time. You may or may not have to live outside the U.S. 2) New name for "Global Careers." This is where you actually move to the country in which the job is located. Finally a name for the program itself to use in marketing. Best names are those that work as a "system." Domain name does NOT have to be available.

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Add all variations of words related to your project or niche. For example, for a construction business you might use words like construct, constructors, build, builders, buildings, house etc.

Try adding some conceptual words. For instance, if your business is about security, words like vault, gate, guard, fort, armor, wall would work well.

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