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Appealing Eye-Catchy Imaginative Enchanted Name for Eyeshadow

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I am looking for eye-catchy name for pressed eyeshadow product (this will come in a wide range of colors but this contest is for the product name, not shade name) that will be consistent with our brand philosophy. Our brand itself is an invitation to intriguing, mysterious and wonderful hidden places, it let to dive into fantasy realm (infused with the romanticism and fantastical fairy tales) of playful sophistication with whispering dark intentions - it’s the fairy-tale (like Alice in Wonderland) but all grown-up. Our cosmetics are not just cosmetics. They are the gateway to enchanted, mysterious and intriguing world, they have been attired to allure their look and assume its character, they tell an enchanting story and engage the imagination…A brand itself is an invitation to an intriguing, fascinating and mysterious enchanted place hidden away inside a deep forest, full of sophistication and beauty... It is an intriguing & fascinating but also there is a whispering, bare sense of danger with dark, whimsical surprises... Our brand is a brand aiming to remind, at all times, that in this world, miracles happen each and every moment. We want to inspire you to pursue your dreams, to trigger the unfettered imagination and reach for what seems unattainable. I like the imaginative names of Rouge Bunny Rouge products (

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