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We recently started our business selling on, and we're looking for a good brand name. A lot of recent Amazon sellers lost focus on quality; "just sell 1,000,000 units, so what if 1,000 break, we still make a profit." We have the opposite view. Each of the products we sell should feel hand-picked and hand-delivered and each customer is a VIP. We didn't fully define our niche yet. Our first products are not even launched yet (working on the design and extensive vetting) and we don’t want to commit to a niche. What if these products don't get launched eventually? We need a flexible brand. We prefer a fanciful mark (a made up word) or an arbitrary mark (unrelated, but memorable word or phrase) Self interview: Products to be offered Products that solve real problems, help the users improve, are sustainable and ethically sourced. 3 messages that your brand needs to communicate Good quality; Good value; Safe and useful What emotions do you want associated with your brand? trust What emotions would you not want associated with your brand? "whatever man, just here to make a buck" How would you describe your brand to a friend? we spend many days researching each product, then live with the product for a while; we use all this effort and our proven good judgement to vet each product, then we spend new countless hours improving its design and sourcing it optimally; less than 10% of products pass this selection How would you describe its style? smart casual What other brands would be its friends? Datadog (just because of the name&logo), White Sand (because it's based mostly on the same principles) Where would your brand hang out? Scuba diving, hiking/trail biking, sometimes a wine bar, sometimes Netflix and chill What would be the age that would find your brand most appealing? 30-60

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