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Education-entertainment App to learn and inspired by great stories on design, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle. It's like Netflix for learning. (the stories are like: Learning from a famous architect, How to run a design studio, Brand documentary, Journey of "Casey Neistat", Be "KAWS" for a day) Targeting creative-minded and entrepreneurs with the purpose of learning on career and life. Need a name that has a feeling of not-a-boring-education-app (like other online courses), a glimpse of what it is, and feels cool. 2-syllables is preferred (short). Simple. Easy to spell and pronounce. Not-ambiguous. Easy to understand is an added point. Our tagline : Learn and inspired by great stories Preference naming style (Sample below) : Slightly Abstract, Brand-Descriptive Words : Apple, Amazon, Google, Slack, Vice, Nike Compound Words : Facebook, Snapchat, EverNote, Firefox, Photobucket, Salesforce, Wordpress, YouTube, Flipboard, Paypal, WeWork Portmanteau : Pinterest, Zenefits, SpaceX, Yelp, Netscape, Microsoft, Instagram, Epicurious Made Up Words : Zynga, Zappos, Theranos Domain : should be available on .app OR .com is best

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