Marijuana Vapor Stick / Marijuana E-Cigarette

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Marijuana Vapor Stick / Marijuana E-Cigarette

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An easy-to-use, disposable e-shisha/vapor stick which contains a marijuana e-liquid.

N.B. Looking for less of a made up word and more of a descriptive brand name e.g. VapeGreen etc. Sorry, maybe should have made that more clear.

Though not the first product of this type to market, this brand will be very user-friendly and trustworthy (think the iPhone of Marijuana E-Cigarettes - but please don't suggest iVape or anything so similar to an Apple product name).

We want the consumer to see this and trust it, the organization behind it and know that it will be safe. These things are all values we rate highly but so far cannot find a name to communicate this.

Colour scheme: white, green, silver.

Domain Name:
Domain name is not required
Keyword suggestions: e marijuana stick vapor
Words to Avoid:
Weed, Marijuana, Dope, Grass, Kush, CIG, CIGARETTE etc.

Winner: MariOne

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