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Technology Start Up Name

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Hi everyone !

We are creating a company based on technology (electronic, computer science).

Our first product will be a robotic arm, but in the future we want to be able to create new products (or even services), not necessarily linked to our first product.

That’s why we want a general and international name.

Our aim is to bring intuitive technology for all (people, companies, schools), to make life/work easier.

Some rules for the name :

  • as short as possible

  • easy to pronounce and remember

  • when someone hears it, he/she should be able to write it the right way

  • no punctuation

  • no name with “robot”, we want to be more general than robots

What could be cool (not mandatory) :

  • When someone types the name in google, he/she will not find dozen of companies with similar name on the first page.

Also, we have already searched names with a lot of online name generators, so we would prefer names that you can find with your own inspiration :)


A lot of names come with "technology", "techno", "tech". The problem with those words is that almost all the best names are already taken, so it is hard to find something very different from other companies. The best name would not include "tech" but still bring the feeling of innovation, technology, and some values we mentioned above (not necessary all values, but at least one). A name with "tech" is not forbidden, but it has to be very, very different from all the "common" tech company names.

Yes we are very demanding, but we want the best name :) Also thank you to all contestants, you are very reactive, hope you can help us find more names ;)

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