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Crowdsource Invention Website.

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


Crowdsource Invention Website.

Pick the Perfect Name


This name will be used as a domain name, brand name, and my last name!

We will produce ALL types of inventions, so the name just needs to be memorable and work as a last name for an American. My first name is James, so hopefully the names sound good together.

It would be great if the name congers up feelings of the future, devine inspiration, and other positive emotions of inventing.

The name doesn't have to mean anything. It can be totally abstract like Bono, Sting, hulu.com, joomla, google, etc. These are very memorable names, but they don't make very sophisticated last names.

Let the creative juices flow!

Remember: It's a website name, brand name on products, AND a last name for an American with the first name of James.


-James (_______)

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: artist astro bright build cortex create creativity design divine energy galactic gatica genius innovation inspiration invention jupiter lab light magnetron make neuron photon pluto space spark star tron
Tesla, Neutrino, Tron, Lightyear, Albright, Lightlab, Brightwell, Matix

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