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Life Coaching

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I am launching my career in life coaching This quote by Tony Robbins pretty much sums up life in general. Change is unavoidable in life. It's what move us forward, toward bigger and better things. Many people are able to take change in stride and adjust to it well, and others may even welcome life changes with open arms in excitement of something new and different. Not everyone looks forward to life changes, however, and some may have a hard time coping with them. Unfortunately, those who can't or won't change will often miss out on improving their lives. Some may even need help with these changes.

Life coaching is a type of coaching, or counseling, that can be used to help people who are in major transition phases in their lives. Professionals in this field often try to help people plan goals and takes steps to realize those goals. Simply put, a life coach offers advice and guidance to deal with change that will put them on a path to success.

I need a name to represent that. i will offer my customers:

  • IDENTIFY the needs that are not getting met;
  • NAME and prioritize what's most important for you;
  • RECLAIM your Passion
  • RESTORE your confidence
  • REGUVINATE your career
  • RE-IGNITE your spark of life
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