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Curated Innovation

Domain Name Contest created 4 years ago


Curated Innovation

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Mission Combining existing university science to deliver tangible innovations that impact disease.

Background A year ago I was talking with the head of Harvard’s tech transfer office who told me that once a week, he has a donor in his office who wants to give money, often millions of dollars, to fund research that is connected to a family disease. But universities are great at basic research and less effective at the direct impact a donor wants.

Last summer, two of my MIT professors and I created the nonprofit Curated Innovation to help with just that: pulling together existing university science, we give families tangible innovations to impact disease. Curated Innovation is startup-stage nonprofit with headquarters in Cambridge, MA which spins out for-profit startups eligible for impact investment.

Just last month we were excited to announce the first product of our vision, a startup that prevents skin cancer with home-based cameras that will photograph your whole body regularly to catch moles changing. It's based on technology used to map stars, so we called it Constellation: www.constellationcare.com

We're already in conversation with prospective donors who want to make an impact on Breast Cancer, Adrenoleukodystrophy, and HIBM. We think this could change medical research as we know it.

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