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An Dish/Food Discovery App that helps you find the best dishes in a restaurant. It also helps you discover new restaurants to go to. - Only .com and available domain names - Creative made-up names like dishcovery or foodpecker are good too - Name should be easy to remember and catchy - Name should not be more than 10 characters - Name should be related to Food Discovery or related to Food / Dishes - Name should be easy to spell - Shorter the better - No numbers or hyphens in domain name

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  • Looking for more creative made-up names that are brandable.

    Posted 2 months ago by RVKP      

  • Something other than Dish please. Looking for some creative made-up names.

    Posted 2 months ago by RVKP      

  • do you mean toatally made up or more of a portmanteau

    Posted 2 months ago by DinoLittle Pro      

  • @DinoLittle it can be totally made up too - doesn't matter as long as the name is unique, memorable and people can spell it easy.

    Posted 2 months ago by RVKP      

  • Hello CH, we cannot add more suggestions unless there's at least one up vote or a down vote (we are all limited to 15 entries each). Thanks.

    Posted 2 months ago by niksnora Pro