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We are working on a commercial real estate services and management company with focus on net lease investment properties. Targeting support service offerings to brokers, owners, and principals. Looking for a creative name with a focus on integrity and trust yet an element of modernism as well. We will be focused on providing high level asset management and investment services primarily to brokers and individual principals (investors and owners). Our focus and niche will be services as associate with “net lease” commercial real estate investment properties. These are typically considered net leased or nnn type properties. The name may incorporate this concept but should also be flexible enough to adapt to a different niche within the same industry. The preference would be a relatable term, or terms, but we are open to consider something arbitrary or made up that could be effectively branded with an appropriate tagline. Our brand should represent, focus, quality, trust, and experience. The target market will be somewhat wide ranging, likely 30-70 so we need to find the right balance between modern and traditional. I have added some suggested keywords but currently feel it may be best to utilize the “net lease” keyword as part of a tagline. For example “new company name” tagline net lease. This may help with domain availability but otherwise we’d prefer the “net lease” term not be made part of the specific new business name. This will be a firm specializing in the commercial side of real estate so *nothing* please that reflects terms typically associated with residential real estate, this would include realtor, realty, etc... Please get creative and think outside the box.

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