Mobile App for Sharing Your Location Video and Getting Advice

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Mobile App for Sharing Your Location Video and Getting Advice

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A mobile app that connects a person with his friend using media, primarily voice, video and location. Except voice, all information is sent in one way only - from the caller to the "assistant". The assistant then observes the situation and gives advice to the caller, e.g. "it's the third building on your right", "I like the red shoes more than the other ones", "the text says they are closed for the day", etc.

The primary target market is visually impaired and blind people. Later we plan to add features that will benefit other audience, for example seniors or tourists, and possibly everybody else. Basically the app acts as your personal assistant (or advisor), always in your pocket - except it is not a digital assistant, but rather another human being - your friend. For the reasons above we don't want a name that suggests it's an app for visually impaired or blind people.


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Keyword suggestions: advice connect line point sense show visualise
Viber, Fleksy, TapTapSee, Disway, Circle, Seven, Helpify, Vize, PathWay, Closer, AskMe, AnyHelp, WayPoint, ShowMe
Words to Avoid:
Assistant, Aid, Blind, Impaired

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