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A new website which allow consumer to switch to a better plan/deal. I would like something catchy and so easy to remember, for example: - Switchem - Switchly Something stylish and easy to say! It is not necessary to use the word "Switch" but something that represents change to a better plan/deal. - No dash in the domain name - short as possible, for example: Switchem, Switchly - Maximum 1 easy word with 1-3 letters at the end of the word which combined into 1 word. - No more than 10 characters.

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  • Thanks for the name suggestions, much appreciated!

    Could you guys think of two words in a domain that represent switch to a better plan/deal. The second word must be short max 4 letters, for example:

    SwitchTo SwitchNex SwitchOver

    You can also try alternative word of Switch that response moving/changing/switching


    Posted 11 months ago by Sonic