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Geo-Location Based Social Events (Social-Activities) Project Needs a Name

Domain Name Contest created 6 years ago


Geo-Location Based Social Events (Social-Activities) Project Needs a Name

Pick the Perfect Name

What is the project about ?

We are looking for a domain name for our new project. The project is about: you gather with your friends, other groups or people with your common interests; and meetup with them. Organize social events with them in specific locations, like:

  • Birthday party(eventname) in xyz club(location),
  • Office lunch (eventname) in yyy caffee(location)
  • Family meetup (event name) in xxx restaurant(location)

What is the project not about?

It is not a daily deal website that offers specific deals per day like groupon.com or livingsocial.com. However, we would be offering instant deals.

Who is the audience?

The audiance is people who like to do differnet things, meet with friends, involve in social activities. In short, we target social people!

The website would target USA cities like LA, NYC, Boston and etc. But sooner, will be active globally.

What we want to do?

We would be a bridge between your social activities and your friends. We just need a domain that people can spell, and can easily remember! A domain name combined with two different keyword is fine with us. (like circlenow.com, but google started a similar domain name so we wont use that domain now)

What we dont like?

Please do not try to put words like events, groups, ... since it is nearly impossible to build a generic domain with those words. all are generally taken.

What we like?

You might be more creative like "path.com" (which is a good name for a iphone photo application which you can take your pictures of your friends while going somewhere, and have a great meaningful)

We like 5-6 chars domains that can be pronounced properly in English.

Desired domain specs:

Only .com, And No dashes please. And no numbers.

Domain Name:
Only available domains can be posted
Keyword suggestions: events / social / activities / locations / deals / city / deals / event

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