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B2C Personal Finance Website

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The value that I am providing is giving them a central destination to get quotes from multiple vendors or access to different options of credit cards etc... Hopefully this would enable the consumer to make a better financial choice and save money as a result.

Domain name should be a dot com only, short and memorable and no hyphens.

The websites core is basically providing tips and advice across multiple categories such as credit cards, loans, cd accounts, mortgages, cable, internet, phone student loans, insurance.

Then entering into affiliate relationships with different companies. For example if someone is looking of a credit card there could be an option for a certain type of credit or debit card that the can apply to. They would fill out a credit card application by clicking a button on my website that would redirect them to another page. Another example would be if someone is looking for an auto insurance quote. There could be a form where they answer a few questions to get multiple quotes.

So there are two sides to this coin. I am providing blog posts and articles about the different categorizes I noted earlier. Then looking to monitize this traffic by establishing an affiliate relationship with different companies when they sign up, fill out a form, request more information etc...

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