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Holiday Rental Site

Domain Name Contest created 5 years ago


Holiday Rental Site

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New name for an existing site which advertises holiday rentals around the world (specialising in Europe and Bali) with the niche that the properties are owned by Australians and New Zealanders.

Target audience is Australian and NZ travellers (mostly 30-late 40's and then older travellers, may be families, couples, some singles, usually females doing the initial searching and planning via the site) and the site puts them in contact with the Australian and NZ owners of holiday apartments, cottages, villas etc in places such as France, Germany, Italy, Morroco, Turkey, London, Bali, Fiji so they can book their holiday accommodation.

The site offers choice, reassurance, comfort, security for Australian and NZ travellers who can book via the site with the Australian and NZ holiday rental owners.

I'm looking for a name that communicates that we're about holiday rentals and the reassurance, personal touch and ease we can provide. Doesn't need to reflect Aus/NZ nature but would like it to capture niche/uniqueness/quality of it in some way.

It's not all luxury villas, there's a good mix of accommodation options (including B&B's) so needs to represent that there can be something for everyone but I want the name to communicate strong, sophisticated tones.

Interested in any play on words too or say latin meanings - something that also makes a good story when I'm doing PR

UPDATE - other feedback has suggested something related to a bridge, link, connection - as that's what the site does - brings travellers and property owners together - it is the link between the two, it's how they connect and it's also about bringing all the Aus and NZ owned properties into one area, so connecting them.

I need .com.au and .com domain names only.


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Keyword suggestions: holiday rentals sojourn stay travel via
One Fine Stay (already in use);

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