Brand Naming of Critical & Creative Thinking Program

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Brand Naming of Critical & Creative Thinking Program

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  • Critical & Creative Thinking Program is Educational Program(workbook series for Critical & Creative Thinking Program)

  • Target customer is PK ~ Elementary School (Grade 6th)

  • Detailed explanation

Early childhood education is vital. The tools children learn early on impact their entire learning careers. In the past, people believed intelligence was fixed and unchangeable, , but documented studies have shown that that is not the case; intelligence can be taught and strengthened from a very early age.

Critical & Creative Thinking program trains students in the tools and mental habits to help them become better critical & creative thinkers. This program focuses on 8 different learning domains from analytical reasoning to creative thinking and spatial intelligence. By starting early, your child can learn to make the tools of intelligence second nature.

Critical & Creative Thinking Program is an enrichment program that strengthens logical and analytical skills, as well as enhances creativity and memory proficiency. These unique, fun, and engaging activities will help build critical thinking skills and creative talents to help students excel in all subjects.

Critical & Creative Thinking Program includes six major critical thinking domains and two creative thinking domains for a complete, balanced approach to developing and enhancing overall cognitive ability.

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