Location Based Mobile Software Company

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Location Based Mobile Software Company

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This is a rename of an existing startup which needs new branding. The current company name is DimDrop which is a combination of Dimension and Drop (Digital Representation Of a Place). People have commented that the name has negative connotations and is ambiguous about the products it sells. The company creates real-time location based mobile software that is used by real-estate pros, travelers, investors and social media users around the world. The company creates multiple apps for mobile devices with companion websites. The apps present information about places in the form of short, informative and personalized videos. The company aims to be the Google of the real world by being the go to place where you get your information about people and places in the real world.

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Keyword suggestions: address app augmented big cartesian channel clairvoyance clip companion compass custom data digital dimension direction drop entertaining filter finder global gps guide here information knowledge lake latitude local locate location locator longitude media mobile movie navigation nomad ocean path peer personal place platform point profile real reality route search see sense sentiment service sight signal software stream tele tour travel video virtual vision where world

Winner: SightStreamer.com

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